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About Harare
Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe was formerly called Salisbury. With nearly one million five hundred thousand inhabitants, is a modern metropolis, therefore is difficult to believe that you are still in Africa. Although, in Zimbabwe, you can still enjoy stuff like buying a stuffed caffeine buffalo, cheetah or hyena skin, the whole lion and ivory. But mainly you will watch the real African natural environment.
What to do in Harare
In Zimbabwe there are lots of parks and reservations which offer extraordinary experiences, such as for example lion walks. You can also visit the crocodile farm. Visit the Hwange, Gonarezhou or Nyanga Park and experience the safari. From more adrenaline activities you can do canoeing, rafting, fishing, or bungee jumping. Especially the area around Victoria falls is fun and great for extreme sports.
When to go to Harare
In Zimbabwe, the rains come principally in December, January, February and March. In the north the precipitation arrive earlier than in the south. The average temperature of the hottest month of October does not exceed 23 �C (73 �F), in the coldest month of June, the average temperature is between 12-15 �C (54-59 �F). In Harare, average temperatures range from 22 �C (72 �F) to 14 �C (57 �F). In the Limpopo and Zambezi valleys the temperatures are higher and oscillate around the 32-38 �C (90-100 �F).
About the airport
The largest Zimbabwe (HRE) airport is located about 13 km (8 miles) southeast of Harare's center, and is the main hub for the local airline Air Zimbabwe. There is no bus coming to the city center. The only option is to take a taxi, which is very expensive. You must pay at least 30 USD to get to the center. The best choice is a transfer from a hotel, which is usually offered at half the price, around 15 USD.

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